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Autumn planting

On the streets we gush at the seasonably trendy coats, classic silhouettes in timeless cashmere, sumptuous knits and soft, woollen scarves… in the garden, don an unfashionable jacket, those unbecoming wellies and just go outside! That earthy smell of rotting leaves will tickle our nostrils and fill our lungs this month as nature beds down. 

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Swooning with summer joy

How glorious a summer so far! Forever immortalised and linked with Van Gogh, the mighty sunflower, Helianthus annuus, epitomises happiness, sunshine and a perfect symbol for celebrating a long, hot summer… of skipping and twirling, of giggles and knowing smiles on the green, of that easy abandonment that steals our hearts and goes hand in hand with outdoor living. What summer flower or plant captivates your heart and imagination and has you swooning? 

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